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Women's Blazer Jacket Outfits - Nail It, Indian Ladies! (Episode 3)

The styling idea blog with blazer jackets, this is the final episode. (The 1st episode is here and the 2nd here)

Please note again:
-    I made it a rule to use items which are easy to find in India.
-    I am not a stylist nor trained. Many of you must have better styling ideas. Please share them with us!

Again I used only one jacket which is MIRCHI KOMACHI Cotton Colourful Plaid And Kalamkari Blazer Jacket. It is one of our latest standard-length blazer jackets. During the preparation, I found this jacket veeeerrry versatile, probably because it has many colours (while not looking like a clown).

1. White Cotton Jersey Dress 

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI blazer jacket cotton colourful plaid with kalamkari collar for ladies

Cute. Effortless. Period.
If you don't want to look too cute, you can match big army boots (I am regretting for not doing that, since recently I got a pair!).

2. White Cotton Jersey Dress + Jeans

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton colourful plaid blazer jacket for women plus white jersey dress plus denim boyfriend jeans

If you feel slightly unbalanced wearing only a white dress (I felt so when the colours of the blazers were dark), you can add jeans. Or, if you have knee-high boots, it would make the same balance, I think.

3. Cotton Jersey Track Pants + Tshirt

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton blazer jacket with colourful plaid and kalamkari plus cotton jersey track pants and tshirt

It's fun to match blazer jackets with jogging/lazy-weekend-ing looks. Casual blazers like MIRCHI KOMACHI's can play hat tricks. But if you have a little more stylish kind of track pants, you can also match them with formal black blazers. I promise. Try! 

4. Short Jump Suit

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton blazer jacket with colourful plaid and kalamkari for women plus short jump suit

Hahaha, cuuuute styling, no? You can try various types of jump suits with blazer jackets - casual and cute one, slim and stylish one, lousy oversized one... I bet you are feeling like going out to hunt a jump suit! 

5. Long Jump Suit

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI Cotton casual blazer jacket for women with colourful plaid and kalamkari plus long jump suit

Needless to say, long jump suits of course create great looks with blazer jackets, too. This is only one of the examples, with wide relaxed jump suit. If your jump suit is a stylish tapered one, it also makes a great look. Don't forget to dress down somewhere (e.g. sneakers), though. 

6. Kurta

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton casual blazer jacket for women with colourful plaid and kalamkari plus kurta

I am not a Kurta person and don't have many Kurtas. But since this jacket can be paired with many colours of Kurtas, I had no trouble matching one from my limited Kurtas.
A Kurta and a blazer jacket make a calm but fun outfit. Would your mum approve this as 'Sanskari'? No? Never mind. No need to be.

7. Saree

image of MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton casual blazer jacket with colourful plaid and kalamkari for ladies plus saree

OK, what about this? When someone blames you as 'unsanskari', slay this way and shut them up forever.
The underneath wallah part of the saree is saying hello over the sneaker... Excuse me, I quickly wore the saree imperfectly.
There are some different ways to wear a blazer with a saree, so this is only one of them. Explore, ladies!! ...And share photos with us :) 


So, this is it for three episodes of blogs on styling idea with blazer jackets. Hope you enjoyed them. Those who have MIRCHI KOMACHI blazer jackets, I'd LOVE to see how you are wearing them. Please send us photos or share in your social media feeds with @mirchi.komachi tagged.
The key is 'giving zero f**k to what people say' when you make outfits you don't see often. Life is short, let's explore, ladies!


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  • Thank you for your query, Renu!
    Sorry, this very very popular blazer is long gone.
    I am also replying you by email.

    • Yoshiko (Author)
  • Is this blazer available? I would like to by this one.

    • Renu