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Women's Blazer Jacket Outfits - Nail It, Indian Ladies! (Episode 1)

Hi, ladies, do you wear Western clothes daily? Then do you have a blazer jacket? Apart from the black one you're forced to wear at work as a uniform?
Women's blazer jacket might be still a pretty fresh item in India. Have you ever searched for sites/videos about blazer jacket styling ideas? If you filter for Indian sites, especially off-duty stylings, you don't find many.

The signature item of MIRCHI KOMACHI is jackets. As of now, especially blazer jackets.
Then why had I not talked about blazer jackets with you here?! Slacko me!!
So, this time my blog is about styling ideas with blazer jackets.
Actually, it'll go on for 3 posts. Hope you enjoy and experiment yourself aggressively.

Please note:
-    I made it a rule to use the items which are easily available in India.
-    I am not a stylist nor had training. Many of you must have better styling ideas. Please share them with us!
-    Excuse me for the headless pics. I am sick and tired of seeing my face in MIRCHI KOMACHI website & SNS all the time!

1. Very Basic: White T-shirt/Tanktop + Jeans

1. Basic styling: MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Cotton Blazer Jacket (Brown) with a white tanktop with jeans

This is the very basic one for me.
I am using MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Print Blazer Jacket (Brown) as an example of our standard-length blazer jackets.
The jeans can be a skinny, a boyfriend, short or long.
You don't need to fasten the button.
You can roll up or fold the sleeves.
You can always jazz up with a bunch of jewellery.
Oh, I tell you here - never press the fold line of the collar. I was horrified to see blazer jackets in local men's tailors with the fold line smushed to be flat like paper. Aesa mat karo...

2. White T-shirt/Tanktop + Slip/Camisole + Jeans

2. MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Print Cotton Casual Blazer Jacket + jeans + camisole/slip

Depends on the colour combination, you might feel that the entire look is a bit dull/monotonous/flabby. You can add a tiny piece like a slip/camisole of a contrasting colour as a spice. Of course it can be a small scarf around the neck, or a vivid-coloured bag/belt/shoes/hat.

3. White Shirt + Short Torn Jeans

MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Print Cotton Casual Blazer Jacket with a white shirt and a torn short denim jeans plus high-heel sandal

Here, I am trying to mix dressy things and a grungy thing.
A crisp white shirt with a lousy torn short jeans, plus a frail high-heeled sandal.
Let's have fun mixing different things in one outfit!

4. Hip-length Girly Tunic + Boyfriend Jeans

MIRCHI KOMACHI Lungi Cotton Casual Blazer Jacket with hip-length girly tunic with BF jeans

In this episode, I am also using MIRCHI KOMACHI Lungi Blazer Jacket (Yellow) as an example of our short-length blazer jackets.
During the shooting, I found this jacket amazingly versatile. It looked cute with almost everything. Sometimes you know the power of an item only when you wear it and style it...
Here, I am trying to play with the length. The lace part of the tunic is shown below the short jacket. If the tunic has more volume, it would create a different silhouette.
Also, if the jacket is more of a masculine type, you can enjoy the contrast with the girliness of the tunic.

5. Hooded Shirt + Jeans

5. MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Print Cotton Casual Blazer Jacket with hooded shirt with jeans

Wearing a blazer jacket over a hooded shirt is a cute styling. You can have athleisure or Hip-Hop vibes. The bottoms can be anything depends on the mood you want to create.

6. White Camisole + Palazzo

MIRCHI KOMACHI Lungi Cotton Casual Blazer Jacket (Yellow) with white camisole and a palazzo

Palazzo is very popular among Indian women, isn't it?
So this is how it looks with a blazer jacket. Of course they get on well!
Please note, if the volume of the palazzo is very big, keep the volume of the tops minimum to make good balance/silhouette.

7. White Long One-piece Dress

MIRCHI KOMACHI Rickshaw Print Cotton Casual Jacket for ladies in India with a white long one-piece dress

And again everybody's favourite, long dresses!!
Of course you can match your dress with a blazer jacket. Of course it looks cute!
You can change the impression by changing the shoes (e.g. high-ankle sneakers, ballet shoes, work boots...).
Personally I want people to enjoy blazer jackets in casual ways, so I don't recommend 'dressy-dressy' styles with pumps and seriously-sophisticated jewelry and all.

8. Black Long One-piece Dress

MIRCHI KOMACHI Lungi Cotton Catual Blazer Jacket for women with a black long one-piece dress

Having said that (in No.7), if the blazer is a casual blazer jacket like MIRCHI KOMACHI's, you cannot be too dressed-up anyway - even with a black long dress and a high-heeled sandal.
This is for your reference how it would look.
If you bring a long casual dress and a blazer jacket along with a chappal and a high-heeled sandal to your holiday destination, you can wear the dress and the chappal during the day, and add the jacket and the sandal for dinner. But of course you can wear the jacket to protect your skin from the sunlight during the day as well. You can even wash it and press during the trip!

This is it for today!
This episode was all about the very basic styles. I will explore variations in the coming episodes. Stay tuned!!

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