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Women's Blazer Jacket Outfits - Nail It, Indian Ladies! (Episode 2)

The styling idea blog with blazer jackets is back! (The 1st episode is here)

Please note again:
-    I made it a rule to use items which are easy to find in India.
-    I am not a stylist nor trained. Many of you must have better styling ideas. Please share them with us!
And, no more headless-body pics. Please bear with me as a model, or come forward to pose for us (I'm dead serious).

This time I used only Mirchi And Geometric Print Blazer Jacket. It is one of our latest standard-length blazer jackets.

1. Side-Striped Black Cotton Jersey Skirt

image of the styling of the jacket with black side-striped skirt

Matching a formal pencil skirt with a blazer for work is the basic. Here my suggestion is to match the most casual type of skirt. I wish I had chunky sports shoes like basketball shoes, they would look awesome.

2. Side-Striped Black Cotton Jersey Skirt + Jeans

image of a styling with a black side-striped cotton jersey skirt with jeans

This skirt can be layered with various bottoms like boyfriend jeans, slashed skinny jeans, track pants, or leggings.
Here I didn't wear any necklaces, but if you add some long necklaces to make a vertical line in the centre, it would look better, I think.
Or, if the mini skirt is of a vivid colour, it can be an accent in the outfit (maybe reduce the skirt's dimension a bit) and would be fun as well.

3. White Shirt + Mens' Trousers

image of a styling with a white shirt and mens' trousers

This pair of trousers belongs to my guy. Actually, even the jeans in No.2 used to be his. I am eager to prey on some more ;)  You can steal clothes from your husband/boyfriend/brothers/father/son/grandfather and pair with your clothes. Fun!
Remember to mix the vibes, like formal & casual, masculine & feminine, expensive & cheap.

4. White Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans + Skinny Tie

image of a styling with a white shirt with boyfriend jeans and a slim tie

Here I wore shabby jeans with a skinny tie and a dressy sandal. The skinny tie is my hand-made from the border part of a left-over fabric. One with some vivid colour like fuchsia pink would be even better to add an accent colour.

5. Fringed Camisole + Cargo Pants

image of a blazer jacket styling with an orange fringed camisole and a cargo pants

The cargo pants can be long, short, and with the drawstring hem. Mine is a basic one (bought at a street shop for men), but I'd prefer baggier grungey ones to pair with blazers.
As some of you might know, this camisole is my 'upcycled' one. Anyone can make this easily from a normal camisole/tank top and it does an amazing job in your outfits.

6. Lace Tunic + Boyfriend Jeans

image of a blazer jacket styling with a lace tunic with boyfriend jeans

If you have a very girly tunic like this, it's another chance to mix & match. Its chemistry with blazer jackets would always make you grin in front of your mirror (followed by selfies taken and shared?). 

7. Patiala

image of a blazer jacket styling with a white patiala doti pants

I am not a big fan of long kurta or salwar kameez, so it was my first time to get a patiala. I thought the pyjama pants (is it the same as salwar?) for classical dance practice was baggy, but patiala is way baggier than that. It's so baggy I can hide in it. But it's very cute. A bit long, though. I wonder how people handle the length.
Anyway, obviously it was my first time to match a patiala with a blazer jacket. The result was... of course a blazer jacket can do anything.
This is fun! I will play with patiala a lot from now on.


Thinking about stylings (within a limited wardrobe) is challenging yet/hence fun. I think the point is to experiment and have fun, without giving a f**k about what people (who always dress same/safe) say. Having said that, stylings above are not that bold... Let's explore, ladies!
Hope to hear your feedback and fun ideas. Stay tuned for the last episode!

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