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Festival Outfits With MIRCHI KOMACHI Jackets + Sarees

“Festive season” has arrived where the majority of Indian people enjoy “festival outfits”.
Though MIRCHI KOMACHI gives emphasis more on living each “unspecial” day lovingly in feel-good outfits, it’s great to have “special” days as milestones of the passing days.

But, but, but. I feel “festival outfits” do not always need to be costly, plush, glittery.
I am learning that there are people of different ideas about festival outfits:
-   Wearing gorgeous "special" festival outfits is a ritual to celebrate festivals a few times a year
-   Stealing grandma's or mum's sarees at festivals and showing off the fine crafts which are hardly available now (needless to say the emotions and stories attached to it)
-   Trying s
pecial styling with unspecial items and stand out, that's me!

Especially for the people of the third type, this blog post might serve some idea.
This year, I decided to try some "special" stylings for festival outfits. I picked up saree as the common item to combine with MIRCHI KOMACHI jackets.


1. Blazer + Saree In Nivi Drape

Festival outfit with a orange South silk saree and MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton yellow blazer jacket

You have seen the combination of blazer jacket + saree before in MIRCHI KOMACHI blog. This saree is a thin silk one and I've draped in Nivi Drape, the most commonly known drape. Matched with MIRCHI KOMACHI stripe cotton yellow blazer jacket.

Ignore the messy hairstyle which is on its midway to grow.


2. Trench Coat + Saree In Nivi Drape

Festival outfit with a Bengali hand-painted cotton saree with MIRCHI KOMACHI cotton red trench coat

Now, this is again Nivi Drape with a hand-painted cotton saree, but with MIRCHI KOMACHI Red Cotton Trench Coat. Of course you can play with the buttons open, closed, pallu out, in, etc.
No matter what gorgeous glossy sarees people are wearing in the party, you would stand out for sure, don't you think? 

Ignore the stupid expression of the model!


3. Silk Chanderi Shirt Dress As A Long Jacket + Saree In East Champaran Drape

Festival outfit with an orange and red silk saree + MIRCHI KOMACHI Silk Chanderi Shirt Dress (black) 

Now, using the same saree as in No.1 above, this drape is called "East Champaran Drape". You can make three or four tiers and yet it's very comfortable just like a flared skirt.
I paired it with MIRCHI KOMACHI Silk Chanderi Shirt Dress (Black).
If this look is "too much" for you, festivals are great occasions to try something too much, no?

What? The only "too much" element is my look-ain't-I-so-swag expression with a fedora hat? Ignore, I'm just trying to hide my messy hair.


4. Khadi Biker Jacket + Saree In Pant Drape

Festival outfit with cotton saree in pant drape and MIRCHI KOMACHI  Khadi biker (rider) jacket

Yey! I guarantee you, the pant drape of saree would make you look so cool!
I did it with a very fine cotton purple saree and paired it with MIRCHI KOMACHI Khadi & Kalamkari Biker Jacket (Brown).
The idea of wearing earthy cotton like Khadi as festival wear sounds so cool to me. Trying special drapes, special stylings, special items with such "non-glitter" fabrics make special festival outfits, I think.

Ignore the blur in the photo, this cotton is so fine that it keeps swaying in the wind.


5. Khadi Military Jacket + Saree In Venukagundaram Drape

Festival outfit with a saree and MIRCHI KOMACHI Khadi military jacket (front)

This saree has some gold parts, but still is a very ordinary (read "sasta") normal-day saree.
I paired it with MIRCHI KOMACHI Khadi Beige Military Jacket which I believe is awesome for ANY festival outfits.
This drape is called "Venukagundaram Drape" and it has a gorgeous train-like back style:

Festival outfit with a saree and MIRCHI KOMACHI Khadi military jacket (front)

Ignore the untidy drape, I need some more practice to make the backside drape neatly! 

Tribute: For Making These Festival Outfits With Sarees Special

I learned the drapes other than Nivi Drape from Ms. Nikaytaa, a saree researcher who's running The Indian Draping Co. and the very significant collection of videos on various drapes by Border & Fall.

They're doing wonderful job to re-discover and re-recognise the beauty of various drapes from all over India. If not yet, please explore their pages and YouTube channels.


I hope you got some new idea on how to style your festival outfits at the coming occasions.
Please leave your idea or feedback in Comments below.

Happy styling and happy festivals, people!!



Bonus Video

Today's bonus video is, of course, one of Nikaytaa's videos.
This video is showing how to drape the pant drape (which is pretty much her signature daily attire!) along with some informative talk about saree drapes in this part of the globe.
Check out right now, and explore more into the vast and deep world of saree!



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