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Styling Ideas With MIRCHI KOMACHI "Men's" Fashion Jackets

MIRCHI KOMACHI launched "Men's" fashion jackets in May, 2019. 
We've started it because we met some men (people in man's body) who are not satisfied with the variety of clothes available for men in India, and also whose mind is free enough to wear women's clothes to express themselves.
One man (while fondly holding our jacket) told me that he purchased funky men’s fashion jackets from Italy since he hardly liked any in India, though good-quality yet identical business jackets are available.
This time I tried some men's blazer outfits ideas with MIRCHI KOMACHI "Men's" fashion jackets, for such people to enjoy expressing themselves more freely (without going to Italy!).

I kept the inner very simple (while/black T-shirt). And as usual, I used items which are easily available in India.


Denim Jeans + Narrow Scarf 

I start with our MEN'S BLAZER JACKET - JUTE LINEN MIX & AJRAKH. It's very comfy and breathable.
The easiest way to style with MIRCHI KOMACHI men's fashion jackets is to wear denim jeans and a T-shirt/tanktop. Easy yet stylish - thanks to the power of blazer jackets.
But you can add a little masala. Here I added a narrow scarf.

Saurabh Sharma wearing MIRCHI KOMACHI Men's Blazer Jacket - Jute Linen Mix & Ajrakh, a white tshirt, denim jeans, Kolhapuri chappal, and a narrow scarf

Instead of this discreet colour, you can pick a contrasting vivid colour to make it an accent, or a big shawl instead of a narrow scarf.
And you can wear any other shoes as well.


Short Pants + Moccasin Shoes

With MIRCHI KOMACHI men's fashion jackets, it's very easy to go funky.
Here I matched vitamin-colour short pants and moccasin shoes. Of course you can add a vacay-vibe hat and sunglasses!

Saurabh Sharma in MIRCHI KOMACHI Men's Blazer Jacket - Jute Linen Mix & Ajrakh with a white tshirt, yellow short pants, brown moccasin, and brown fedora hat

For me, the point here is to avoid very daily-looking flip-flops unless you're actually at a beach. But of course, the chef is you!


Camo-print Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are always the option when you get bored with ”men's blazer with jeans” combination. Actually it doesn't have to be camo-print, but I just tried pattern-on-pattern here. Have I succeeded?

Saurabh Sharma in MIRCHI KOMACHI Men's Blazer Jacket - Jute Linen Mix & Ajrakh and camo-print grey cargo pants

The inner can be a hooded T-shirt.


Track Pants

Another alternative for denim jeans is track pants. Remember, you are the chef, you can cook anything in YOUR way!
Here I paired MEN'S BLAZER JACKET - CHIPKO DIDI ON IKAT (GREEN) with navy track pants with red side-stripes, and added a simple black hat.
Ready to go for an evening with music and drink!

Saurabh Sharma in MIRCHI KOMACHI Men's Blazer Jacket - Chipko Didi On Ikat (Green) and navy side-striped track pants, black hat



I love mixing ethnic/traditional things with everything else. I love the chemistry between our jackets and anything traditionally-Indian. So, of course, I paired a dhoti with our men's fashion blazer. The result is... of course bloody cool!!

Saurabh Sharma in Men's Blazer Jacket - Chipko Didi On Ikat (Green) and a white dhoti

And yes, it doesn't have to be a dhoti but a saree. Sarees are not only for womxn!
If you make a dhoti style with a saree, you'll get a scarf bit as a bonus. FYI, you can see the dhoti style of saree draping in our blog.


Nail It With Men's Fashion Jackets

How did you like our men's blazer outfits ideas? I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you try something new and have fun.
We support the concept of "styling" as an important + fun + eco-friendly element in fashion, and we'll keep trying to suggest uniquely-Indian street styles.
Please leave your fun men's fashion jackets styling ideas or feedback in the Comments section below.
Enjoy styling!

Model: Saurabh


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Bonus Video

I'm going for Tan France. Too typical? I just love watching and listening to him. But at least I'm avoiding the too-famous episode with Hasan Minhaj !
This is a fun styling episode from his show on Netflix. 
It's always a great discovery of yourself to try new clothes on which you've never worn before, isn't it?


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