On each product page, we put the instruction either of:
-   Gently hand-wash, or dry-clean
-   Handwash, or use a laundry net when machine wash

Here are the basics when you wash MIRCHI KOMACHI clothes at home:
     Wash immediately after wearing --- To avoid the stains linger on.
     Wash separately at least for the first few washes.
     With ordinary-temperature water --- Color bleeding happens more when the water temperature is high.
     Hopefully with neutral detergents. The detergents with bleach would make the color bleed.
     If you wash in a washing machine,
     -     Put in a washing net to avoid friction and keep the shape
     -     Delicate Mode if possible (with more water and shorter time for washing & spinning)
     -     Wash quickly. Don’t keep them in the water or spun condition for a long time
     Dry in breezy shade --- To avoid color fading from the sunlight
     Dry outside in --- To avoid colour fading from the sunlight
     Press from inside --- To maintain the print/colours/embroidery 

We're always searching for the best way to make our clothes loved for longest time.
We've experimented some methods to stop clothes with Indian hand-dyed cotton from bleeding colors, and documented in our blog. Please check out!