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Do You Know Tanabata - Star Festival?

Tanabata is one of the festivals celebrated in some East Asian countries including Japan.
We MIRCHI KOMACHI have been introducing it since It’s originally related to sewing and weaving, and also it’s a positive festival when people make wishes for their “version up”.
Why you need to care? Because MIRCHI KOMACHI celebrate it with you as a campaign with fascinating give-aways!

In Japan, we write down our wishes to the stars on colourful tiny pieces of paper and tie them to bamboo trees. In most regions, it’s celebrated on 7th July.
The festival is based on Orihime & Hikoboshi folktale from ancient China.

Orihime & Hikoboshi Tale
There was a very skilled weaver girl called Orihime living near the Milky Way. She was a daughter of the Sky King. She weaved beautiful fabrics for the inhabitants in the sky.
She fell in love with a hard-working cow herder boy called Hikoboshi. After getting married, they were so happy being together, too busy chatting and singing, to do their work. Sky King got angry and separated them with the Milky Way.
But seeing the grief of the lovers, he allowed them to meet each other once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month, across the Milky Way.

Actually, they are existing stars; Orihime represents the stellar Vega, and Hikoboshi is Altair. We can see them shining across the Milky Way.

In Japan, if it rains on this day, we say “Ohhhh Orihime and Hikoboshi can’t meet this year” since the Milky Way can't be seen. But I heard that in Korea, they say it always rains from the lovers’ tears of joy for meeting after one whole year.

Nice to think about the romantic story while watching the night sky, isn’t it?

Why Making Wishes?

People started making wishes for one’s development on weaving and sewing on the coattails of Orihime, a great weaver.
Therefore, the wishes are still encouraged to be things like “I wish I become well in calligraphy” rather than “I want an iPhone”. Kids write their future dreams as well, like “I wish to be an astronaut”.


Celebrations In Different Regions

The celebration of Tanabata has developed differently in each region. This is one of them, Tanabata in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture:

Aaand in India, we MIRCHI KOMACHI celebrate it with you!
How will we do this year? Stay tuned...


Bonus Video

Guess what, I have found a short film “Tanabata” made by an Indian filmmaker!
Check out this bitter-sweet tiny story.

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