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Knee-Length Tiered Skirt Outfit Ideas - Adults Only (Episode 1)

We have made seriously cute knee-length tiered skirts with handloom cotton and embroidered silk Chanderi some time ago. We still have some in stock and now they're on Sale.
When we participated in the events, I noticed that many people thought these skirts were for little girls. No wonder, when I see mature women wearing skirts in India, most of the times they're either mini or long skirts, or knee-length pencil skirts as a uniform.
So I made a challenge to myself to try styling ideas with our skirts which would not give childish impressions.

I will show you the results in 3 episodes.
Since I failed to clean up the photos with my kindergarten-level Photoshop skill, I decided to present the photos as collage with street art. Hope you enjoy.
I would really appreciate if you could give me feedbacks or better outfit ideas!


1. Tanktop + Long Scarf

Styling idea of knee length tiered skirt - grey tanktop + blue skirt + dark grey long scarf

This is the basic. A tanktop/T-shirt + the skirt.
In this case, better to add any "3rd piece", e.g. a scarf, a hat, a chunky necklace. Only adding the 3rd piece makes a huge difference.



2. Tanktop + Camisole (+ Hat)

Styling idea of knee length tiered skirt - tanktop, camisole, and a hat

This is a variation of the 3rd (+ 4th) piece. A camisole over the tanktop, and added a hat. Easy and fun.



3. Tanktop + Fringed Camisole

Styling idea of knee length tiered skirt - tanktop + fringed camisole

This is another variation of the 3rd piece. Ignore the irritating model (a tiny hitman is already behind her).
This fringed camisole is my hand-made. If you're one of the rare species who read my blogs thoroughly (I love you, BTW!), you've seen it before. 
I can't love this fringed cami enough, since it's super easy to make and you can have so many varieties of colours with your pocket money, and it adds so much fun to your outfit instantly. 



4. Tanktop + Fringed Camisole + Leggings

Styling idea of knee length tiered skirt - tanktop, fringed camisole, leggings, and a hat

And yes, a variation of No.3. You can add leggings to a knee-length skirt. The rich variety of colours in leggings sold in India makes it easy to play with colours.
It's fun, and it might save your life if your office is too bloody cold as usual in India.


So today's outfit ideas were pretty much basic + variations. Stay tuned and see more ideas in the coming episodes!


Bonus Video

Today's bonus video is of course how to upcycle your camisole/tanktop/T-shirt by making fringes. This woman is introducing 5 ideas and they're freaking yummy!



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