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Knee-Length Tiered Skirt Outfit Ideas - Adults Only (Episode 2)

Now here is the 2nd episode of the styling idea blogs on knee-length tiered skirt outfits, using MIRCHI KOMACHI Cotton Handloom Skirts.
The 1st episode was this, the basics + their variations.
Chalo, let's dive into the 2nd episode!


1. Denim Sleeveless Shirt + Skinny Jeans (+ Hanky)

image of a styling of knee-length tiered skirt with a denim sleeveless shirt + skinny jeans + hanky

Styling like a Parisian!
...Whoa whoa just kidding, Parisiennes, don't be so furious!
Continued from the leggings in the last episode, it's very fine to add a pair of jeans with this skirt. By pairing different types of jeans, you can create totally different moods (you'll see more on this series).



2. MIRCHI KOMACHI Silk Chanderi Shirt Dress

Image of a styling of knee-length tiered skirt with MIRCHI KOMACHI silk chanderi shirt dress

With MIRCHI KOMACHI Silk Chanderi Shirt Dress (Circle Embroidery)!
Because coincidentally the same silk Chanderi fabric was used for the blue tiered skirt.
Am I cheating? Yes, so what?? If you grab both the items, you can make this style, too ;)



3. Blazer Jacket + Belt (+ Long Scarf)

Image of a styling of knee-length tiered skirt with a blazer jacket with a belt

Of course, you can match blazer jackets with tiered skirts. Depends on the silhouette and the length of the blazer jacket, you can play with things like a belt. To make grunge vibe, I wrapped a long scarf around my head.



4. Lace Tunic + Headband

Image of a styling of knee-length tiered skirt with a lace tunic and a head band (hair band)

Yeeey Boho, music fests, fun!
I got this lace tunic in a street shop (he was roaming around with one small rack). It gives awesome surprise everytime I style with it.
In India, I haven't found many vintage clothes shops nor flea markets (please recommend me if you know any!). This tunic has the vibe of a steal from such places.
I added a headband. I can even add chunky necklaces and bangles as many as I want.


How was today's episode? There was a bit of cheating, a bit of protest from France, what not, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned and see more ideas in the last episode!



Bonus Video

After talking about vintage shops and flea markets, I missed them and virtually visited some on Youtube.
This one is from Tokyo, Japan. Since it's in Harajuku, it's pretty much for (very) young fashion lovers. Even I (who belong to their parents' generation) want to explore for real finds and feel the vibe of their 'style not with money but with 




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