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First Anniversary Of MIRCHI KOMACHI


One Year Since MIRCHI KOMACHI Website Launch (Our War Cry)

On 22 September 2018, MIRCHI KOMACHI celebrated the first anniversary of the website launch.
First, we thank these people from the bottom of our heart:
-   The customers who are happily wearing our clothes and spreading happy vibes
-   The people who have been giving us feedbacks and checking our posts since we met at events or social media
-   The friends who were thrilled with me getting on a roller coaster made of pottery (looks awesome but waaaay too fragile), and have been supporting me till today
-   The models and camera persons who gave great performance despite my incoherent instructions
-   The tailors who have been cooperating with us despite our small lots and my poor Hindi
-   My guy who have been negotiating and taking procedures for me in various matters, and celebrates every tiny step of MIRCHI KOMACHI as if it's his own victory

Image of Gowri Jayakumar as a model at the shooting site for the cover photos of the first version of MIRCHI KOMACHI website with Yoshiko Inoue, the designer cum pattern maker
May 2017, musician Ms. Gowri Jayakumar as a model and Yoshiko, at the shooting for the first version of MIRCHI KOMACHI website

Image of Aparna Verma as a model for product photos on MIRCHI KOMACHI website at the shooting with the camera person Shahnawaz Rahman
August 2017, Ms. Aparna Varma as a model and photographer Mr. Shahnawaz Rahman, at the shooting of product photos for MIRCHI KOMACHI website

Image of Yoshiko, designer cum pattern maker of MIRCHI KOMACHI, with a customer in front of MIRCHI KOMACHI stall at The Lil Flea at Jio Garden, Bandra
April 2018, Yoshiko talking with a friend in front of MIRCHI KOMACHI stall at The Lil Flea at Bandra, Mumbai


Any Visible Changes?

In the everyday life of MIRCHI KOMACHI and me, there are no drastic changes like "We're pressed by deliveries!" or "We've started working with a group of women who weave fabrics!".

Image of Yoshiko Inoue, designer cum pattern maker of MIRCHI KOMACHI, coming back home with fabrics in a big bag
One day in 2017, Yoshiko coming back home-cum-office after fabric shopping (before the plastic ban in Mumbai!)

The brand has to be sustainable - I (and staff if any) can live on the sales - to keep on going at the very least. Therefore, our first priority now is to expand and strengthen our happy customers base.

Every day I do various tasks. Sometimes my guy asks me, "you work whole day, but what actually are you doing??" He's not being sarcastic but simply wondering. As a one-woman army, I can't spend much time creating clothes. There are many tasks I want to do and the time is limited. Every day I advance around 1 inch. And whatever I do don't immediately reflect on the growth of the community/sales. 
I don't know whether what I'm doing are correct for the brand's priorities or not. Maybe not, because if I have been doing only the right things, MIRCHI KOMACHI would be so much ahead even in one year. 

The only right thing is that I am enjoying this life where I take full responsibility for all the results. I don't make excuses like "I don't have fund", "I'm a foreigner", "I don't have a team", "I don't have experience", coz nobody cares!
And every morning, I am excited to start working for another 1-inch progress.

Image of Yoshiko, designer cum pattern maker of MIRCHI KOMACHI, considering the logo of MIRCHI KOMACHI
One day in 2016, Yoshiko considering the logo of MIRCHI KOMACHI


Our Mission, Our Vision

We have two missions as a brand:
-   To incorporate fabrics with Indian traditional weaves and handicrafts to untraditional daily wear
-   To help Indian women to design their life as they like
As of now, you would ask "What? Didn't know you had such missions. Done anything yet??" ... Not really. It's 'not really started', like you're still watching the tobacco warning video before a 3 hr film.
But I always have them in my mind (not the harm of tobacco, the missions). I WILL DO them. If I don't do, MIRCHI KOMACHI is not a 'brand' but merely 'a clothes maker'. Making/selling clothes is not our purpose, it's one of the contents.

The vision of MIRCHI KOMACHI is the future where Indian 'female street pirates' proudly swagger in the streets and through life. The women we call 'female street pirates' are the women who enjoy Indian own aesthetic and swag (without being influenced by the 'dominant' people in the world), who freely express their dressing/feelings/thoughts/sexuality/uniqueness (without being disturbed by the 'dominant' gender/people), design their own life.


The Story In The Cover Photos

On 22 September, we renewed some parts of our website. We shot the main photos on the home page with Ms. Kaprila Keishing who is a brilliant dancer & musician.

There is a story in the 3 main images. It's a story of evolution - from the situation of wallowing in a small fishbowl, eventually going out to a small pond while seeking for the path, and finally striking out to the vast ocean.
MIRCHI KOMACHI after one year is still in the fishbowl (or the tobacco warning video). But we are eyeing the pond and the ocean. We are wallowing. We are evolving.
We connect with the people who empathise with our vision, join the people we empathise with, and attain our vision.



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  • Neha,
    Thank you soooooo much for your comment!
    It is very encouraging that friends like you always care about me and are cheering for MIRCHI KOMACHI.
    Though it is still the ‘tobacco warning video’ time now, you will see a spectacular adventure in the film to follow. And I am also looking forward to seeing your ‘film’ as well, Neha!

    • Yoshiko Inoue
  • Yoshiko-san,

    This post is so inspiring and solid! It is great to read your thoughts for the future of Mirchi Komachi. Wishing you a wonderful start to the second year!


    • Neha