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DIY Clothes Ideas (Episode 4, Model 2) - Comfy Bra aka Boob Mask aka Male Gaze Blocker

I guess many of you are still not going out actively yet, in September 2020, in India. 
So, I guess many womxn are still bra-free.
Following the 1st model in Episode 1, I tried another model of the boob mask. I'm sure this one serves you well when you go outside, to block the irritating ape... male gaze, while feeling much more comfortable than wearing a bra.
Aand, DIY somehow heals our nerves, don't you agree?


2nd Model - Cute Gathered Crop Top (Boob Mask?)

The comfy bra Model 2 in MIRCHI KOMACHI blog post DIY Clothes Ideas (Episode 4, Model 2) - Comfy Bra aka Boob Mask aka Male Gaze Blocker
This is what we make this time.
Both the models in the previous episode and this episode are not MIRCHI KOMACHI original designs as such. I picked up common designs which are easy to make.
While I was hunting the bonus video, I saw 4-5 DIY videos of this crop top (is it even a crop top?).
The difference between theirs and mine is the pattern.
All the YouTubers were cutting their fabric in a trapezium or a rectangle. 
My pattern is made of curved lines. I made it so to fit the body well, to prevent the extra fabrics from floating and making gaps between the body and the top.
But the ones by YouTubers look fine and cute, no issues. If you prefer the easiest pattern, you can follow one of them.
Ah, and also, in my pattern, I made the frilled parts (top and bottom) narrow, since it's meant to be underwear. But you can amend the pattern for your liking.

What's good about this model is that this can be worn alone at beach resorts or music fests, or as a visible inner for blazer jackets, or as a saree blouse!


Draw The Pattern
Please note, the pattern below is NOT for all the body sizes and cup sizes.
I made it based on MIRCHI KOMACHI's Size M (Bust 36.5, Waist 30.5), and I suppose this pattern fits most people of Size S, M, L with the same cuteness.
But I'm not developing it to many other sizes because it would make this post too complicated.

If this doesn't fit your boob yet you're enthusiastic to make one, please do let me know. I will be very happy to make another pattern and share it. 

Prepare a large paper or even newspaper, and draw this:

Pattern making for DIY Clothes Ideas (Episode 4, Model 2) - Comfy Bra aka Boob Mask aka Male Gaze Blocker

-  This is half the pattern (folded at the Centre Front).
-  This pattern doesn't include the seam allowance, so when you cut the fabric, please add 0.4 inches seam allowance to all the lines except for Center Front line.


-  Fabric(s) - enough to cut out 2 pieces.
   You can upcycle some old clothes.
   I used 2 different left-over fabrics. You can then make it reversible!
-  Cotton string - 3 m
   I used a thin string of diameter of 0.1 inches.
   If you don't find strings at home, you can stitch a string/tape with an old dupatta or bedsheet.
   And if you want to wear it alone as a top, maybe a thicker string would be nice and tight.

Material for Model 2 of comfy bra


Cut The Fabric
Don't forget to add the seam allowance!
The cut fabrics would look like these. 

After cutting the fabric for Model 2 of comfy bra


Let's Stitch!
Put 2 pieces together with the wrong sides out, and put some pins.
Then stitch only the red lines. The position of the 2-inches short lines on the sides can be anywhere in the middle of the sidelines.

After pinning for the model 2 of comfy bra

After stitching those red lines, it would look like this:after stitching for Model 2 of comfy bra

This is another side. You can see the stitches in the white thread.

Then, trim the seam allowance to 0.2 inches only for the top and bottom lines.

trim the top side and bottom side for Model 2 of comfy bra

Iron Is Our Best Friend
Fold at all the stitched seams to one side and press.
There are some parts unstitched in the sidelines, but just fold with 0.4 inches seam allowance.

Fold and press all the stitched seams for model 2 comfy bra

Here - at the near bottom of sidelines -, no need to care about making sharp lines. Press them with curved lines.
Leave it curved

Now, turn over entirely to the right side from one of the holes in the sidelines.
turn over

Then again press all the lines nicely.


Stitch From The Right Side
Now, stitch like this at the upper line and the bottom line. 
after pressing for model 2 of comfy bra
It would look like this. 
after stitching upper line and bottom line of comfy bra model 2

Then stitch like this:
next, stitch like this

Sorry, it's not easy to see in the photos... We're stitching entire lines except for the 4 holes of 0.4 inches in both the sidelines.

OK, no more stitching!


Now, String
Now, bring the string and attach a tiny safety pin at one end.
Then insert it to one of the bottom holes:
insert the string for comfy bra model 2

Then insert to the upper hole on the same sideline:
insert to upper hole

Then again insert to the bottom hole:
again insert to the bottom hole

That's it!
string is completely done

The other side:
string is completely done (the other side)
See, you can wear it with both sides.

Now, as for the ends of the string, you can just make knots.
But if you feel like making it cuter, I show you how to add a fringe.
Oh, before you do this, please try this on your body and check the length of the string. If it's too long, cut it for your liking. 


Fringe For The String
Cut 2 circles of the diameter around 2 inches. No need to be accurate, we'll cut the hems later anyway.

how to make a fringe - but a circle

Fold it to half with the right side out, and place the end of the string:
how to make a fringe - fold the circle and place the string

And wrap the string with the fabric:
how to make a fringe - wrap the string with the fabric

Then, prepare a needle with thread. Bind the top of the fringe for several times, and stitch through the fabric + string altogether for a few times.
Trim the hem as well.
how to make a fringe - bind the top, and trim the hem 

Everything is done, completed!

Done of the comfy bra model 2

It doesn't look good itself, but when you wear it... It looks cute!

completed comfy bra model 2 (profile)
back side
As I mentioned above, if you want to wear it at beach resorts or as a visible inner, you can make the frilled parts at the upper line and bottom line wider.
Now it's 0.6 inches, but you can extend the width in the pattern to be like 1 inch.

I've worn it a few times so far. The strings around the arms don't come off often as I slightly feared.
And because I used a thin string, it's quite comfortable.
But first of all, this "boob pad" looks damn cute!

I hope you try this DIY. 
If you have ANY questions, please do let me know - in the Comments section below, or DM me on our social media pages.

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Bonus Video
As I wrote in Episode 1, making and/or wearing an alternative for bra is for the requirement to hide the nipples and block the male gaze. And I'm NOT happy that I do this. It's really a temporary stage and not our goal. Well, not mine.

Free The Nipple Movement was started in 2012 and developed along with its movie. It's an ongoing "platform" and people are talking about it all over the world.
Please do check the movie, it is a really encouraging movie. It was made by the same person who started the movement. You'd see how it is to create a movement.

I will write a blog post about this movement and my thoughts separately in future...

This is a brief video for an article about the movement.


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